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"Long has thou dwelt in Darkness...quit the night & seek the day."
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Initiations and advancements are provided to those seeking the wisdom and light of the classical Golden Dawn tradition through our worldwide fraternity.

Our Order, the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, remains true to the classical tradition. Our Order provides the sincere seeker the opportunity to become part of a worldwide fraternity with Golden Dawn temples, sanctuaries and study groups throughout the US, Canada and Europe. In addition, we provide astral initiations and advancements for those who seek the light of the Golden Dawn, hunger for knowledge and spiritual, magical transformation but do not live by a temple. Our Order remains the only Order that continues to provide long distance initiations where no Golden Dawn temple is nearby.

If you seek the light of hidden wisdom; if you are sincere and want to learn advanced teachings traditional to the classical Golden Dawn and if you seek fraternal friendship with other sincere like-minded people from around the world, then the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn is prepared to serve your desires to grow in Light, wisdom, magic and as far as your aspirations will take you.

Visit our membership pages to learn more about initiation into the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

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The Golden Dawn system and the magic of light
The Western Mystery Tradition
Hermetics and hermeticism
The Holy Qabalah / healing qualities of the Tree of Life
Ancient Egypt and Greek mysteries
Tarot meditation, magic and divination
Astrology / Gematria / Geomancy
Astral travel / astral projection
Golden Dawn protection rites / banishings
Skrying / clairvoyance / traveling in the spirit vision
Ceremonial magic / alchemy
Enochian / angelic magic and techniques
Personal empowerment / complete grade initiations
Power of the elementals (air, fire, water, earth)
Talismans / amulets