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The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn has temples and sanctuaries in several cities. All correspondence members are initiated through the Temple of Isis, Mighty Mother and it is through this temple that proctors and guidance are provided. Sanctuaries provide a permanent location for classes and workshops but do not yet offer physical initiations. All contact to our Temples & Sanctuaries will be forwarded to locations from our toll free number. (866) 496-7235

Temple of Isis, Mighty Mother #12
Southern California   

Temple of Amoun
Chicago, IL (Inner Order Temple)

Sanctuary of Thoth
Indianapolis, IN   

Sanctuary of Thoth-Hermes
Denver, CO   

Sanctuary of Ra
Zurich, Switzerland (Contact through Temple of L.L.L.)

Sanctuary of Atoor
Seattle, WA / Vancouver, Canada

Sanctuary of Hermes Trismegistus
Los Angeles, CA

Sanctuary of Ma'at
San Francisco, CA

Study Group of St. Gabriel
San Antonio, TX

Sanctuary of Amun - Ra
Big Sandy, Texas- Serving all East Texas

Sanctuary of Hermes
Toronto- Canadian EOGD

Sanctuary of Anubis
Mexico City,Mexico

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